Career Choice

Hi all, Im australian and 25, some of you may have read my postings on ehre before. Anyway Im in the quite early stages of ym career, and its not off to a bang of a start anyway. So I ahve been presented with in the last couple of days the possibility of joining a new brokerage taht is being set up in scandinavia by another young guy. He has 10 advisors on board already I am told. It would be for a rpetty good position, but in a totally new operation. So I could go for an advisor role, or a more analytical portfolio analyst type research role for the firm. The question is, if i should take a job like this in a start up, or rather try and get a job in a more reputable stable company with a definate future. I should add id prefer to work in corporate finance, then PWM, but the likely hood of taht ever happening is quite low id imagine now. Cheers

fwiw: 1. new brokers are going to find it tough - a) slowing market + b) fall-out from Tricom debacle (for non-Oz folk: Tricom is/was the first broker in 30 years to fail to settle trades with the exchange here - very nasty. People are going to avoid non-big-name brokers like the plague for a while - probably till the next boom) 2. depends on what you are doing now and what you will be leaving to join this new mob - I assume you live in S/M/P? 3. If your current job is half decent (eg pays regularly and is legal) - stick to it and keep looking for better 4. There are plenty of opportunities for young, bright, keen kids 5. Whatever job you do, work your butt off, learn everything you can, talk to people, keep your eyes open and ear to the ground. 6. Meanwhile can you do some PS146 quals? - you will need it in any advisory, client roles good luck!

this job would be in scandinavia as I said, as I hav eto return there with the girlfriend. So I have to leave my current position regardless. But you make some very interesting point with regards to start up brokers, which I’ll take into consideration.