Career direction

Currently, I’m entering my senior year at a top 20 undergrad b-school. So far, I’ve completed 3 internships (one of which was on the buy-side doing fixed income research) and am currently working towards passing my CFA lvl 1 before graduation in May. What are my chances of landing a research analyst/junior consultant position post-graduation? Also, does anyone have any suggestions or wise words to help guide me?


This isn’t Wall Street Oasis.

Top 20 means not Top 10. instant hacksaw

Hack em

Heck, I thought it was determined here that if not top 2 or 3, it’s time for the hacksaw.

Junior consultant? Consultant for what? “Consultants” are generally not involved in serious investment matters. So youll be taking level 1 in December right? I’d focus more on getting top grades instead since you’re not at a top 10 school, youll need a good gpa to balance that out (3.8-4.0). CFA helps more when youre already employed. You’re chances of landing employment in what you want after graduation are unknown since we cannot tell what you’re personality is like. Maybe a great GPA and solid resume will land you an interview but if you lack the right personality, you wont get the job. Getting a job is like 80% they like you, 20% you know shit. I wish people would not ask “what are my chances?”…my best answer is it is somewhere between 0 and 1.

i think people refer to a chance of getting an interview when they say “chance”. It’s obvious the interview will make or break you. But it doesn’t matter how good your personality is. You have to get the foot in the door with your resume