Career Guidance (CFA Level III Passed + CPA - Big 4 experience)

Hello all,

I passed my CFA level III exam this year and I am very happy to know that all my hard work paid off. However, I always have this dilemma in my mind regarding my current work experience. I have been working in big 4 accounting firm as a senior tax associate for past 4 years. There is good career growth in my industry but at the same I want to join finance world as well. Now I have completed my level 3, do you think it is worth looking for Finance jobs? Especially with accounting experience, I don’t think I will get other jobs than entry level.

There might be people like me who have passed their CFA exams but not working in Investment/Finance industry. I would love to hear your thoughts/experience. Thank you in advance!

Some firms value ex-Big 4 employees, as they are good at reading numbers and financial reports. The firm where I work hires them, but mostly as entry-level investment analysts unless you served in senior position. But tax accountant … Brrr!

Thank you for the feedback. I am a senior associate right now,will most likely get promoted to manager in a year or two. It was good to know that investment firms do value accounting experience in big 4.

if you’ve got a realistic shot at making partner in a big 4 firm, I’d stick at it.

this gives US big 4 partner salaries from 2015

if you switch to investment, you’ll be starting from the bottom again

Why not get a transfer to valuation or deal advisory within the big 4, that is a good way to get some “finance” experience while sticking with your career in big4.

Learn a trade. Plumbers stack bank.

Become a partner with Big 4!

Word! MTV (I think) had a game show named “Who wants to marry a millionaire”, and one of the millionaires was a plumber. Not the owner of the plumbing shop, not an investor or “silent partner”, but the actual plumber himself.

edit - here’s the Wikipedia link. Garth was the plumber’s name.