Career Guidance Needed for Quant Career in Canada

Hi All.

I am looking to apply to PhD in Computational Maths programs. I wanted to know if I can get into PhD Maths & Computing.

Will Canada would be a good idea to move in Quant Fin Risk domain?

I want to know about jobs in Canada in Quant Finance and how complicated or easy it is to move to NY after studying in Candada like from York University Canada?

I am CFA L2 and FRM L2 candidate and working in an Outsourcing company in India. BS in Electrical Engg India, Post Grad diploma 1 year in Finance (full time) India New Delhi, GRE Score of 158v,162q and giving level 2 of both exams in 2013.

I am intrested only in quant finance and nothing else. I am focussed on that part, hence FRM and CFA is something I will give. If I were to apply in more Mathematical field I have to get different professors for recommendation and different approach for application vs that for Finance program.

There are 2 ways to land in quant finance, starting from Finance and then maths, or starting from math and then finance. I am in mid way, neither I did top quant program nor I completed CFA FRM completely.

I think since I am on Finance track I should finish up with Finance and then later jump in hardcore quant / or furthur education, do you think this would be the right track? vs just apply to get in PhD Finance and take a good bet to loose money (effort LOR Transcripts) on application?

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Thanks in Advance

this is a question for a quant forum

Iteracom’s right, Wilmott’s forums will probably help you more.