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This sounds frightenly like my position, only I was in BO for a year and a half. I quit to run a family business but its going nowhere. Now Im looking to get back into a finance career but definitely dont want to go back to back office.

If I were your age I would leverage my time with as much education & quality experience as possible. Don’t do mundane crap ever (especially for the sake of a paycheck). Make that your motto. Don’t drink too much or do intravaneous drugs.

yea i just wish i hadnt messed around this summer/fall and missed the sign up for the dec exam. i m hurting fellas.

I just wanted to bump this. no other opinions?

Im in a similar situation. I hope to pass lvl 1 in June and then put all my time into finding another job/moving internally…

I think I’m in the same situation. I’m 26 and I work in a service/sales environment with a major brokerage firm. I’m hoping after passing Level I that I can leverage myself to relocate to a bigger city (New York, San Francisco) and fit into an analytical role (the prospects of developing a career in Finance in Florida seem lackluster).