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I am currently working as an Analyst in the FP&A department of tech firm. I dont like it. Its very boring.

I have some intermediate coding experience Python (Intermediate) , run SQL queries & create dashboards in Tableau. I want to know if there is any career path that I can take that would combine coding and Finance? Some of my friends have suggested doing MFE but its very expensive.


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There are countless programming jobs in finance, but you need to be a real programmer, not just ad hoc self trained.

Otherwise, you’re looking for finance jobs where programming would be helpful. For these, you usually need to have the typical finance sort of qualifications - good school, good personal skills, handsome, credible presentation, etc. Coming from a random other job, you probably need someone in your network to give you a foot in the door as well.

If you are making $100k or less, a (good) MFE might be worth it, as most graduates start at $150k to $200k, and it goes up from there.

Just say you’re an expert at programming. Problems solved.

Will clearing level 1 of FRM help in getting job in risk division …risk calculation involves coding.

Yes, if your code is thorough.

forget tableau, just mention “High level of proficiency with SQL”