Career Help!

Hey guys, So I just graduated college about a year ago and currently work in operations supporting our investment managers. My total compensation including bonus is around 52k. I interviewed at this hedge fund in nyc thats been around for about a year and a half and just found out I got a back-office position for them. However, they only offered 50k and a bonus range of 7,500 - 15,000. What would you guys do? My commute currently is only about 10-15 minutes and going into the city and to work would take around an hour and 20 minutes. Do you think this compensation is fair/accurate and the experience I’ll gain is worth a lot more or should I hold out and look elsewhere? The company pays full medical but currently doesn’t offer a dental or 401k. I never knew how stressful job hunting would be…help! Any feedback is welcome…thanks!!

You are way underpaid. Hobbes got 75K for a back office job coming out of college. You should be making 500K with your experience.

50k base w/15k is about right.

Thanks Zforce…I think it’s just tough to swallow that I’d be making about the same base wise after a year of experience. But I guess I just have to prove myself and keep working hard.

Agreed. They must be value [HR] managers. Willy