Career in HF/ finance? Too old?

Hi guys my name is Don. I am a 27 yr old math/ finance student at German university. After graduating I will be 30 y/o.I am interested in HF and wanted to pick your brain about investing and my career.
Reading about PE and HF, it seems like one has more room to use his brain at work. I’ve done some personal investing and I like getting to dig into companies and understand what makes them tick. I like to understand the competitive dynamics, understand the needs of advertisers, understand user behavior. I like to think about catalysts / what move the stock in the ST. I tend to focus on the big picture and I am able to think strategically and maintain the long-term focus. I like being hands on and I am good at figuring out how to solve problems independently and I am always generally curious about how things work. I am genuinely fascinated by the markets, game theory, human psychology, and such a level of high-stakes decision making. I have great communication skills and interpersonal skills and I have the ability to communicate advanced concepts in a concise and logical way. Also, I love research and to investigate Datas like a Detective to get the answer of the question. Based on my previous activities in the field of business development and sales in the consumer service industry (VP), I think I have the skills to be an Investor. I have been talking to some IB & PE guys. They told me that I should go into a MM Bank/ EB or LMM PE, because of my character and skills.
Separately, I have found that I think differently than many students or guys in the industry do because I have had very different life experiences than are common for people with that educational and professional pedigree. Also, I draw my inspiration from philosophy, sport methodologies, various scientific studies and the arts.That difference in thought pattern makes me look at the same opportunities through a different lens; it also lets me identify different opportunities than the herd.
On which side are these skills more beneficial? Public or private?
Is a career in HF right for me? Am I too old? Also curious about your view on the future of HF? What do you think about HF vs. PE? Any thoughts on both of those as career options? What would be the best way to break into the field? Thanks