Career Move Question

Currently I work in BO at a very small RIA. I got an email from a large accounting and wealth management firm in town after they saw my resume on for the same position at their firm. I understand this is a lateral movement, but is there any chance/potential that this can help in the long run? Ideally I would like to get into an analysis position (investment, financial, risk, etc). Today I am meeting with the manager of the department informally to find out some details about the position. I want to see what sort of internal advancement exists if any. I’m thinking if the pay is more, benefits are better, and potential exists; then it may not be a bad idea. Can anyone else advise?


KJH, I think we need some more info on your current situation. How long have you been at your current role? Personally I have been in a BO role for 18 months and wouldn’t consider a lateral move at this point. However one of my colleagues recently left and she got a ridiculous pay raise for the move so I can’t say “never”. I did however make a move within our BO from Treasury and Banking operations to Derivative operations and I am quite satisfied with the change. Ideally I would like to get into an analysis position (investment, financial, risk, etc) also.

A little more, I have been at this firm for 1 year. I don’t mind the work, but it doesn’t thrill me either. It also does not qualify for the CFA work experience. The firm I’m at has 12 employees total and moving towards investment analysis looks slim. The firm that contacted me is a very very large firm. They specialize in accounting but have a wealth managment divsion too. My thoughts are they may have the means to massage one into analysis which is something my current firm does not do. My thoughts that different exposure would look good likewise.