Career openings desperately in need

Air traffic controllers make a median pay of $122,340 per year, or $58.82 per hour.

10,859 controllers nationwide and 30% of them are eligible to retire at any time. Only 1,844 people are training to replace them… The job only requires an associate’s degree with on-the-job training.

The FAA said it “shares NATCA’s frustration” and fingered Congress for the problem.

see that? the problem is so bad, the FAA had to finger Congress.

In the EU you make €50,000 after-tax and you work four days a week. It’s not very difficult to break in neither, unless you have health issues. Definitely cool.

It’s hilarious to see all those 20 somethings (me included) dreaming about careers in high finance, working 70h weeks + CFA for a miserable pay/hours ratio, when you can make 50k for 30h weeks as an air traffic controller. None of this is rational.

I actually wanted to be an air traffic controller when I was a kid for a couple of weeks. I heard its an extremely stressful job so I moved on.

I have heard they work these guys like crazy in the US. When you pass out from exhaustion, everyone blames you. 6/10 have fallen asleep on the job… yikes.

Have also heard it’s extremely stressful. Not sure how often things really go wrong but I’d imagine any sort of malfunction, bad weather, emergency landings, etc. with high traffic are very difficult to coordinate and communicate in real time. Plus the cost of a single error has the potential to be much greater than most other professions. That’s enough stress in itself.

Yea if I wanted to have a job where peoples lives were on the line I would have went into the medical field. I am in finance because we do work that is rather unimportant in the grand scheme of things

well this happens because there’s such a shortage and peoople are forced to work long hours. probably why the pay keeps going up… 122k median pay for a job that just takes a couple years? pretty darn good actually (beyond an associates degree)

it’s also incredibly difficult to get in. They don’t just take anyone. I explored this option in my youth in Canada. Only a tiny percentage of candidates actually get to the interview stage.

my bro is a ramp agent for one of the airlines. banks 75k. these airlines share their profits to workers. retarded eh?

I think a lot of those types of employees are unionized, so after staying in the game a while they do have luggage handlers manking bank.

It’s back breaking work and only lasts as long as your body lasts… Can’t really enjoy retirement if you’re in a wheelchair.

I wouldnt call getting paid 75k making “bank”.

rofl. thing is. they wanted to promote him to be an air traffic controller. he didnt want to do it. didnt want the stress. but if push come to shove. i imagine hed go for it.

Where does the guy live? If it’s in Iowa, that’s pretty great. If it’s New York, I would call that borderline poverty.

or if he lives in Thailand, he’s totally living it up