Career opportunities after learning Big Data

Hi All,

What are the career opportunites available after learning Big data. I have already cleared FRM level 2 and working in a interest rate risk team in a bank in India. Also I have basic knowledge of Python, SQL and Qlikview.

Please kindly advise whether learning Big data will help me in my career growth.

Thanks in advance.

What do you mean by “learning big data”?

ah big data. suppose to be one of the next frontiers of tools for investing

“Big Data” involves a very healthy exposure to statistics on a graduate level,Computer Science concepts ,a very good understanding of discrete mathematics ,some understanding of advanced mathematics. Basically, the entry barrier is at least and I mean at least a masters course in a relevant field.Most people I know working in Big Data have a Phd in a relevant field.It is not something you can “learn” by taking one or two online courses.It takes at least 6-7 years for a person to get their hands wet it from an undergraduate level.

As for it’s applications in risk management I don’t know much and cannot help you on that front.

I am more than confident that with your statements you just made you are a very long way from "learning " big data,since you would be coding with python/R in your sleep if I was wrong.