Career Options

I am a CFA Level II candidate, awaiting results. I have around 11 years of experience with a years experience as an Equity Research Analyst following Banking & Finance Sector within sell side Brokerage Firm. Due to 2001 tech bubble crash I had to move out of equty analysis and become a full time Business Analyst working with IT consulting firms and assigned with top notch IB’s in US / UK.

I had enrolled in CFA in 2010 with the vision of making a comeback in Equity Research. I am considering various options of making it in ER and wondering if I should build network to break in ER? Will doing a course in MSF (part time) or MBA (Fin) part time will help? Can somebody help me understand what is the best route / options for me at this point? How do I get back to Equity Analysis? Is anybody in my shoes and how you are dealing with this?

Appreciate your response

your experience tops any masters or part time mba.

Thanks Iteracom

Do you mean that my current experience is valuable or you mean gaining experience in ER is more important than getting into an MBA / MSF course?

He means that if your 11 years of experience gives you 50 points, further education might give you maybe 2 points. That is, the MBA/MSF etc. will only make you look incrementally better.

^ correct

So I should build a solid network to prise in the ER door!

Yes, start making cold calls, follow up with everyone who you have ever known who might be able to help you out. If you do this, I have full faith that you will succeed.