Career Outlook

Hello all…hope all were happy with their performance on the Dec exam…unlike myself. I just had one of those days. Wasn’t feeling it and had a bad week prior. I also switched jobs in August, which really distracted me from the studies. I hope to get back on the horse for the Dec. '08 L1. Anyways, when you fail something, which im sure none of us are use to, you tend to take a macro look at where you are at in life. Right now, I just turned 24 and work at a regional market in regulation. My goal is to work in ib, or at least more of a financial field. Currently, Ive been here 6 months and it is one of my first jobs out of college. I love it here. I have two main questions: 1) How big of a jump would it be from regulation to ib, portfolio management, etc. I do have some family in the business, which might help. 2) What direction, in your opinion, should I go? MBA, CFA again, etc??? I respect everyone’s opinion and would love to here your thoughts. Thanks all!

Again, I would really like to hear some insight on this…Thanks all

An MBA with an international focus. (I think the Wall Street Journal has a list of the top global oriented US B-schools)…It gives you the greatest flexiblity and in the long run will open the most doors.

Am with Shooty on this…MBA is definitely the way to go. Even the CFA kind of limits you to certain profiles…an MBA ensures analytical vigour regardless of industry.