Career path advice: Interested in Research down the line

Hi all:

Quick Background on career progression

Worked in IT after my bachelors degree for 3 years, earned MBA from tier 2 school (top 20, so well respected but not top tier).

Currently am working in CorpFin at F500 (3 years) in a division finance role (working on business models, capital investment decisions, some FP&A).

THe finance position was a huge payraise from my premba days, which has gotten me interested in investing,as I have now been investing a small percentage of my salary on my own. I’ve enjoyed following the markets and since I’m still relatively young at age 28, I was thinking in terms of making investing a career. I am thinking of registering for the CFA level 1 and exploring the possibility of moving towrads equity research should I pass. A few questions:

Is it feasible for someone with an MBA and post MBA experience in a somewhat unrelated field (corp fin) to gain a sell side research associate position?

I currently am in the 110-120K all in comp range, what could someone with an MBA but in an inexperienced research role expect? I’ve seen glassdoor data from 80-200 all in for research associates, but it’s hard to say where i could land as backgroudns are so variable in those surveys.

Any input is appreciated…negative or positive.


I’ve had buy-side ER offers with a similar corp fin background with no MBA, but I am a Charterholder as well. YMMV, but a research spot focused on the industry you already understand in depth is in reach.

Wow that’s great.

Would you be able to give me some details on how you went about it?

Did you start looking before or after the Charter?

Did you network before CFA level 1?

Just apply through websites?

Sorry for the bombardment of questions but It’s great to have an opportunty to pick the brain of someone who was able to get offers with a similar background. Thanks for the input!

I actually applied for this particular position online. I had my Charter at the time and about 7 years of industry specific experience. The offer was for a position focused on covering this particular niche market. Networking helps get a face to a name, but its not the be all and end all. I’d recommend being viewed as an expert in your field… Sure, networking events are great but being on an industry panel (easier than you think) or writing for industry publications also helps. That’s my two cents. I ended up declining the offer (I’ve had two such opportunities) and never worked in ER.