Career Question / Recommendations?

Hey People, I am trying to research in getting into Corp. Finance (IB or Equity Research) I am L2 CFA Candidate, a CFP designation holder with BBA with double major in Finance and Accounting. Bunch of industry courses (Canadian, and a few associate degrees/diplomas in Financial Management, Planning, and Advanced studies in business) I have over 5 years of experience; mostly in personal finance and accounting. In June I took up a contract position as a Business Analyst in the Brokerage Industry (work roughly entails 50% IT, 50% finance) I know IB is near impossible to get into unless through school recruitments which is too late for people like myself who have already graduated and in work force, unless going to a MBA school. What are my options here? What sort of positions am I looking at? and what sort of income? I am currently making decent income which makes it even harder to start in lower paying jobs in corp. finance as I have responsibilities and certain level of income needs. I should mention I live in Vancouver, Canada but not limiting myself to any particular place…I am open to moving anywhere given the right opportunity (also have my US work permit since I am a dual citizen). Any suggestion and or recommendation are greatly appreciate it. Thanks

this is a beat to death thread - search the boards and you’ll get all the answers you need.

^ I know this topic has been discussed a gizzilion times but I hate the search fnc on this website, very useless. So I appreciate any comments ahead of time…

I hate retyping my advice already given answer the same question…guess who wins? haha. best of luck with your search (job that is, not the one on the website)