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Hi, I come from Taiwan and will earn my MBA degree in finance on July. I want to find a job/intern in chicago. How can I do? Does anybody can give me some suggestions? I hope do the job in investment function as a buy site role. Big thanks again. AA

maybe look up the Cat Fanciers’ Association (sorry…)

I hope that your grammar is not as bad as you represented with your post… Analyst roles involve persuading other highly educated professionals into investing your recommendation. With poor grammar, you WILL NOT get a job in a traditional firm. Why not look in Taiwan? Suggestions: 1) Work on your English 2) Develop other desirable characteristics/certifications other than MBA 3) All else fails, try Taiwan, Beijing, Singapore, and Hong Kong. 4) Network with alums from your school who’s also from Taiwan, they’ll probably feel your pain and give you a chance.

you can try discount brokerage first…

Hahaha…not to knock you, but I hope you’re very good with numbers.