Career shift: financial audit -> investment banking -> investment analyst? Need advise.

Dear colleagues,

first of all let me say “hi” as this is my first post at AF, although I’ve been following this forum for a long time - all the threads here really helped me to prepare well for the L1 exam and to pass it smoothly - big THANK YOU.

I’ve passed L1 June this year and I’m a L2 candidate at the moment. I have a BSc in financial analysis and MSc in Quantitative Asset and Risk Management (freshly graduated). Now I’m considering a career shift.

For the past 2 years I have been emplyed within a SSC for financial audit (one of the BIG4 companies) working for internal and external client in the area of financial statements audit. However, I always aspired to work as an fixed income investment analyst (and eventually a PM in the future).

Unfortunately, currently there isn’t many job offers for investment analyst in my country. Another minus is that most employers require some experience in the area of investment analysis and I do not have such (only individual investment activities but I do not know how their are perceived by potential employers?).

I’ ve been offered a position of investment banking associate (corporate bonds). I would be responsible for both corporate bonds origination and sales (mainly to asset managers, PMs, investment funds, pension funds thorugh public offerings and private placements).

My question is what you advise on that matter? Should I accept the position in investment banking? Would that get me even closer to become a fixed income investment analyst in the future? Or is it better to reject it and stay employed with my current employer (financial audit) and wait - maybe some good job offers will emerge in the future?

With my current position I got proficient in accounting and financial statements analysis, but I think it reached it development limits, and any time spent here longer is not getting me closer to becoming a fixed income investment analyst. The question is, will investment banking get me there?

Thanks for all your responses and advises!