Career: Short equity analyst and IR derivative analyst

I am an analyst in a top-tier investment consulting firm, previously spent a year as corporate consultant. Had a quanty degree (engineering) and a finance master. I’m aiming to complete the CFA program next year. I plan to stay in asset management field and is in particular interest in these two positions - interest rate derivative quant analyst and short equity analyst. My reason for interest rate derivative quant analyst is simply my skill set at the moment is more compatible with this position. I’m competent with programming and certainly interested in learning more about it. There is always a market demand for it and is also a great way to move into IB if things turns out different. Short equity analyst on the other hand is an interesting role. Working in an investment consulting firm allows me to “see” the investment process of many fund managers and a general pitfall is that they are lack of the short ability. In addition, short equity analyst needs a bit of quant flavour as a result of the investment process. My question is what type of criteria (be it knowledge, skill, experience) will you be looking at for a qualified candidate? and if anyone ever works in these two position, can you shed some light on your daily routine (if there’s one…) so that I know I’m not too far off from what to be expected. Thank you.

you’re not too likely to find many analysts here that work for funds that specialize in short-selling for the simple reason that there aren’t many. its a tough business… i think RAwannabeCFA works for a firm that specializes in writing short-selling research. and google jim chanos who runs kynikos for some perspectives… i think a short equity analyst needs less of a “quant flavor” as you call it than you think. it will probably be a combination of fundamental and technical analysis. also, shorting without a catalyst (purely on valuation) is suicide imo.