career switch

Hi Guys, I really dont know if it is a career switch. I have been working in Fidelity International for last 3 years in Customer Service operations. I wish to move to Asset Management as a Investment Analyst. Although Fidelity has a policy of internal movements, however it requires an MBA degree or full CFA completed. With the job its becoming difficult to do CFA. So I am planning to do MBA. Can anyone please suggest whether I should for one year or two year MBA. They say to change careers one requires two year MBA and to rise in same field you require one year MBA. Based on this logic if I want to become operations Manager i should go for one year and if I wish to do research i should go for two years. According to one website wetfeet if one wants to move into Financial research an experience is operations, sales or marketing in Investment company is helpful. So can i use my three years of experience in operations to do one year MBA to get into Financial research. OR should I go for two years MBA. Anyways i would be going for CFA after my MBA. Please suggest what would be right while I am already in the company and want to work in investment research??

From your description sounds like you want to do 2 year MBA. Does it matter what school you get your degree from? Have you taken/passed any of the CFA levels yet? if not I would suggest you at least write level I in June

if you can get FIDO to pay for it, do the part time @ BU and switch in 2-3 years. MBA is not enough these days, you need both MBA and CFA.

This just doesn’t sound like a very driven person to me. Why should you manage anyone’s assets when there are tons of driven people out there (in particular, people who don’t think “With the job its becoming difficult to do CFA”) who have been laid off? I think your chances of success in this are pretty small.

He sounds driven to me. Wants to take on extra study to further himself and his career. Keep at it mate, im sure youll make the right decision in the end with some thought

if it’s possible, could you do a part-time MBA? daj mentioned BU- not sure if you’re in boston, but if you are, BU, BC, Babson, Northeastern all have part-time programs. if you’re not in boston, perhaps that is still an option where you are? b/c if you’re in the firm that you want anyways and they’ll pay for you to get your MBA, sure it would take you 3+ years to finish the MBA up, but you’d come out with more work experience within your firm and none to mimimal debt. in this economy that’d be a pretty tempting option if it’s available to you and your ideal job requires that MBA check box. it also might give you time to figure out exactly what direction you want to go in- an ops mgr vs research analyst are very, very different roles. network wherever you are- school or work, and don’t always listen to what “they” say… there’s no set recipe for success… you make your own.