Career Switch

Hi, To give an idea about my professional experience, I have been working on software development projects for the last 8 + years. I am currently 32 years old. The question that I have is, by passing the 3 levels of CFA exams, will I be able to make a career switch into Finance (Investment Banking, specifically). I know that there will be other parameters that will play a role in this, but my question is more to know as to what extent CFA might help. Will it get me an interview ?I am willing to start at the entry level. Will any of the companies be willing to consider someone with my experience, age and CFA for an entry level job? Please advise. The next question that I have is, assuming that companies might consider someone like me, what should be my method of approaching these companies? As I understand for most of the entry level jobs, usually the summer interns are offered jobs. Please provide a honest opinion. Thanks

There are really only 2 traditional ways to get into IB. Out of undergrad into an analyst role or out of MBA school into an associate role. Banks won’t even consider you for an entry-role. And even if you do get an MBA, most banks won’t even consider you unless you have some IB experience (an internship), so that means a part-time MBA probably won’t cut it. Why do want to get into IB? Been drinking the IB kool-aid?

search this, it has been discussed and exhausted. CFA is for investment management, and isn’t generally considered relevant for investment banking (although some valuation techniques, FSA at L2 can be helpful on the job, but won’t help to get the job)

Step 1: Get in to a top b-school (ful-time) Step 2: Work like hell to land a summer internship in IB Step 3: Work like hell to land an associate position That’s about it at this stage. Good luck, though.