I saw the post below from the fellow in India, and it stimulated some though on my end. I am attempting to complete my CFA as well as my MBA and MS in Finance (dual degree) from Indiana university, which is quite highly ranked according to the polls (top 20). I am as far right now as one can get from the finance business, as I answer technical support calls for a consumer electronics manufacturer. Prior, I had several years experience in the management of extremely high end Audio Video contracting companies. I plan to paint this experience as having negotiated large projects, dealt with wealthy people, managed dozens of people, yada yada yada By the time I get to job hunting in another year or two, I expect to have about as much academic preparation as one can have when trying to make a change, but will have little hands on finance experience. By then I will be about 33 years old with about 15 years of work experience. I am looking to make a change of life into the finance industry.Is this unrealistic? Would my educational credentials coupled with my years of experience and maturity (read good soft skills and decision making ability) be likely to land me a job or am I living a pipe dream? What are the pay scales like for people with the kind of qualifications that I will have? I am in the US.

go hoosiers. top 20 indeed

why are u answering calls when you have MBA

I don’t have an MBA yet. Starting my second year next week. Got a year left in the MBA and then ill do 6 more months and get the MS. I took this call answering job because running companies takes up too much time and this job is at and excellent company with great pay and benefits and lends itself well to my current lifestyle of constant study.

I received my BS in Finance from Ball State. Are you willing to relocate?

I am willing to relocate. I would prefer to remain here in Dallas, but i will go where i have to

Are you doing IU’s distance learning?? I thought you were on campus. Pay scale is really dependant upon where you are looking to work and what job in the industry. What in Fiance are you looking to do?

Yea, I was going to say completing an MBA, looking to complete and MS in Finance and the CFA and you’re answering phone calls! But it makes perfect sense. 0 stress job to allow you to crush your studies and then one to a great life…i like your game plan

are you on campus or doing distance MBA?

Yeppers doing the distance thing. Kelley Direct is what they call it. Its an awesome program. I dont really know where I am looking to go, I an sort of in the beginning phases of determining what I want to do. Maybe M&A, portfolio management, buy side stuff if i can get in. Possibly high net worth individual investor asset allocation. I don’t really know. I figure Ill learn more over the next year or so and make more of a determination when it is closer to time to do something. How do people break in? I don’t know anybody really. I guess you contact recruiters? Dallas has most of the major banks. The experience thing is what I was worried about, but I was sort of hoping that maybe one can get some kind of like junior associate position, that because of education and work experience(albeit no finance but heavy in management), I could start off being more like the other poster said, analyzing reports instead of creating them. I don’t know if I am a realist or not…

rolo, why dont you try and get entry level job may be data side or some support role, that would count on experiance in industry , you will get some knowledge and part of mindful team and might be promoted one day . also job is not v stressful

I would, but the job I have right now is too cake. It just lends itself too well to what I am doing and is very stable. I would hate to go to a job where I couldn’t study at work.

In terms of career choices, that depends on the area. Pay scale is determined by your career choice. A lot of getting in the door with finance is about who you know. Try local CFA or fiance social organizations and start networking. Try doing a job search for Finance careers and see what you find.