Careers Advice

Hello All I have a 2:1 Finance degree, graduated in September 2010, and passed CFA level 1 in December 2010. Thing is I have been working with a Maritime Consultancy (Technical Analyst) firm since my second year of Uni, part time during college and then full time after, but I realy dont want to be in this job anymore, as my love is in the financial markets, unfortunatly I had a contract with them to complete a project that just finished Jan 31. Now thats its over and while im still working there and studying for the CFA level 2, I want to apply to finance jobs, my preference is in research, and im aiming for any job in the asset management industry, mutual funds, or private banks… Just trying to get a foot in the door, im 24 so still young, but im worried that I should have began the application process when I graduated, as it will look bad, that I have only started now, or am I just being paranoid! What do people think? Should I just try to apply for internships, or full time analyst programs? Anyone know some good career resource websites for jobs in Europe and Asia…I live in Ireland. P.s Also did a 6 month placement while in Uni, as a fund accountant Cheers