Hi all!

I was curious to know what kind of roles current CFA chartholders are in, alongside the jobs candidates of the CFA are also doing. Current candidates: what kind of job would you hope to land after your receive the charter?

I’m currently working in a control function of a BB so it’s not the most exciting role in a world…

I’m doing internship in Fund of Funds. Want to be Bruce Wayne after receiving the charter.

I believe you can find the actual job breakdown of current Charterholders on the CFAI website. It’s part of the survey they send out on a regular basis.

It’s as you would expect. Most are PMs and analysts. The real money is in plumbing though.

I really doubt that most CFA people are portfolio managers or analysts. There is probably significant reporting bias if that’s what the report says.

I guess I should use more precise language. You’re right that it’s inaccurate to state most CFAs are PMs/analysts. The survey shows the highest concentration of Charterholders is in the portfolio management and research analyst roles. Combined I think it was around 30% or so.

There are likely more plumbers but they’re too busy rolling in dough to fill out surveys.

what’s with the whole plumbers rolling in it thing? Am I in the wrong profession…?

Level 4 = Plumber

The smartest and brightest candidates skip the first 3 levels and get straight to the point.

Saw a Brazzer’s video that other day (for academic purpose of course) that involved a plumber and a lady who needed her pipes fixed. No one makes videos about financial modelers :[

I saw a video on a similar site (also for academic purposes) of a BSD and his secretary. He had a computer on his desk, so it’s possible he was in the finance… but more likely than not, he was a plumber.

im more into shoplyfter! even security people get laid!