Carl's at it again

Hahah – that is beyond ownage, or even pwnage. That’s Al Caponeage.

two words: balls

I don’t follow pharmaceuticals closely. Is anyone familiar with this company?

They have a drug (which Icahn references in the letter) called Byetta. It is used to treat type 2 diabetes, and in addition to achieving its primary goal of improving blood sugar control, it also promotes weight loss in many patients. These qualities were proven to be statistically significant in its clinical trials prior to its approval by the FDA. They have a marketing arrangement with Lilly, but for some reason the company has performed poorly while the drug has been moderately successful. I think Icahn has a pretty good idea why.

Icahn = pimp

I wish I could write a letter to the chairman of the board and straight up till him/her to GTFO. (And possibly succeed)