Carpentry Projects

Just finished building a bookcase from scratch. It wasn’t really that hard but took half of the day. I have a bad habit of eyeing the space and having things not fit as planned. Everything fit as planned today and I got some spray stain for the wood and rubbed it down while wet to make it look like brush strokes. Gave it a bit of a vintage look. 5ft wide x 40 inch high. The guy at the hardware store was off by about 1-2/16 of an inch on cutting but was able to crank the screws to make it flush. Any carpentry projects out there? I find it very rewarding and like to have real wood over those pieces of furniture in stores comprised of particle board. Overall, it was a relatively easy project. I have had some nail biters in the past where I have had to periodically get out the hand saw to adjust (mainly mixed media art design).

I’ve built a few basements, decks and other small projects, including the rough and trim carpentry. It’s fun stuff. I’d put myself at pro quality on decks but I still have some learning on the trim stuff. Beautiful custom wood trim (not that mdf stuff) goes along way in making a house look high end. I have done a few floors too, but I’m not sure that fits classical carpentry despite the fact it’s a rare occasion for me to bust out the table saw. I’ve done a custom workbench in my garage and several storage units. I’m also building a great custom cabinet setup for my theatre in my current basement development. It’s going to be a beauty but it’s a few weeks from getting underway.

Ron Swanson?

I built a bird house once, but those m**f***ng birds never used it.

I do a lot of finish carpentry, as I’ve replaced every window, door and baseboard in my house. I’ve built a few cabinets, a desk, a kitchen island and some shelves. On my next house, I’d like to build all the cabinets for the kitchen on my own. One of the “after finance” careers I’ve considered is building furniture. I actually considered it as a career in high school(multiple drafting and woodshop classes made me very interested in pursuing it) but opted instead for the wildly fulfilling desk jockey life.

love woodworking. building a longbow right now if that counts.

My next project is either a drafting desk or an easel.

Carpenter > CFA too?

A carpenter doesn’t make bows, a bowyer does. But that is a really cool project (and it definitely counts minus semantics).

yeah i know the diff, pretty much why i said woodworking. Obviously going to be an average amateur bow if it doesn’t snap but it should be a nice mantle piece at the very least. Takes a ton of elbow grease without power tools though.

No. Definitely not on this one. Anyone can pick up a hammer.

^ I wasn’t serious. But finish carpentry is certainly a skill that not everyone can do. It’s actually more of an art than anything, especially at the high end. I have tons of respect for those guys.