Carrer Advice needed

My background is Econ in Undergrad and MBA from a mid-ranked US School. I worked for a top bank in the credit cards for about 3 years and now moved to west coast to work for a relatively smaller bank again in credit cards. I had to move quick so couldnt take this decision then. Credit cards dont interest me anymore . I would like to work in a field where I could do investment allocation or fund allocation. What kind of job should I be targeting for? And how is the job scene for the same near San Francisco. Any suggestions are welcome. And if you may know of any good websites, please help. FYI, I dont have a CFA but can work towards it if needed and I am 29 years old at sr analyst level.

What is it that you exactly do? You go through applications to see if people qualify for cards? You package credit card debt? Looks like what you want to be is a portfolio manager. I suppose you could do some asset allocation as an investment advisor or something as well.

Read in article in WSJ on how San Fran is just super tough right now…not much supply for the huge demand. Was funny…read that article the same day a girl in the office was moving their with her bf to start a new life. Didnt tell her about the article.

Thanks for your inputs. Aerius, in response to you question. I work as a financial analyst i.e. use models to predict profitability for different segments and help marketing teams decide who they should mail to get higher response rate on mails and higher profitability. We use excel models. I have great experience with SAS/SQL to analyze data too. I have worked on knowledge seeker last year when I was in the strategy team. Thats means selecting which customers are to be given what treatment on the basis of their performance and various other factors.