Cases in Ethics

For those of us already studying… Does the CFAI actually test the different cases that we must read? If so, how do they go about it? Thanks

no, they didn’t last year and haven’t in quite a while. I would read them a few times though, as those are the types of cases you will get on your vignettes and they give some good examples of what you can expect.

Do we need to remember the number such as I.A, II.B or only the content is relavent? Thanks!

Are the ethics vignettes as lengthy as the 4 end chapter questions at reading 2? Cause that looks scary.

yes, they are lengthy. they were easily the longest of the vignettes on the entire exam. I read the questions first before I read the cases so I could know what to look for. Ethics is easily the most deceptively difficult section on the exam. No, you do not need to remember the numbers, as in Standard V. But you WILL need to be able to see an answers that says 'Standard xxA regarding Suitibilty" and know wether the information in the case fits that standard or not.