Cash collections from customers

From Elan’s PQs:

Revenue 15m

A/R increased 1.5m

Receivables securitized increased 3.5m

Cash collections from customer is closest to:

A) 13.5m

B) 15.5m

C) 17m

Says answer is A but shouldn’t it be 15m - (1.5m + 3.5m) = 10m?

I think the recievables securitized is there to trick you. I think what they are getting at is ‘this year we securitized 3.5m worth of accounts recievable’…it wasn’t an addition to accounts recievable but more securitizing what was already there. So ignore it.

I think it’s just a misprint on Elan’s part… the answer reads:

"Securitized receivable should be added to the increase in A/R. Thus, cash collections from customers would be:

$15m - [($3m-$1.5m)+$3.5m] = $10"

There is just no $10m option in the answers…