Cash flow statement on the EOC FCFF/FCFE Section

I am looking at a cash flow statement on the FCFE/FCFF section of equity (EOC problem #2).

Note payable and long term debt issuance are negative (which would indicate a cash payout) however, the amounts are actually indicative of cash proceeds (as per the answer in the back).

Then on the investing activities section, it show a purchase of 349 of capex as a postive number.

Shouldn’t the note payable and long term debt issuance (in financing activities) be positive and the 349 of capex be a negative number? That would better indiciate the direction of cash for the company.


Read the words on the last line of the CFI section and on the last line of the CFF section:

Cash used for investing activities

Cash used for financing activities

Positive numbers are outflows and negative numbers are inflows.