Casual Friday

What’s your go-to? I’ve finally unpacked the last of our moving boxes and found a long-forgotten pair of navy loafers. Still trying to figure out how to work them into the wardrobe to give my walnut-hued leathers a breather.

Note for you remote workers: boxers and a golf shirt don’t qualify.

Usually some turf dogs, half-calfs, backwards hat, lax penny, and a sweet pair of shades.

Light khaki chinos, no socks, royal or navy polo with white or cream mini-horizontal stripes, dark tan belt if leather or a dark cream-colored nautical-style belt. Aviator shades. Irreverent attitude.

As someone who works from home, brooks brothers shorts, white t shirt, flip flops. Same as most other days.

Also made myself a peach manhattan. 1/3 rye whiskey (I use whistlepig), 1/3 mathilde peach liqeur, 1/3 barrel aged sherry, a couple dashes of bitters, and a couple luxardo cherries. Quite good for sipping.

That does sound fantastic. I’m impressed you have the self control to just sip. I’m a guzzler myself

most of my clothes dont fit anymore as i’ve gained roughly 45 pounds since i started wfh. i had to buy 2 new suits for mba program. for work, i just wear a polo shirt and some shorts. lol i love wfh.