Cathie Wood says BTC going to $500k - which bias is she representing?

Wood’s quant models say BTC going to $500k. What do you think about the biases this statement has?

at least overconfidence, confirmation, conservatism, achoring

Other than these biases, I also don’t see a probability associated with this expectation, and no horizon (just long term - which can be like forever).

Status quo - prices will keep going up.

regret aversion

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Picking numbers from the jar

This is a great little exercise just before the exam!

Pretty much all of them except prudence bias lol.

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If we pass, we should all pour time into a joint Crypto blog make charts on Tableau provide write ups/analysis on crypto and do a newsletter. Set up a historical crypto database with daily historical prices, volume, mkt cap, etc.

I think anchoring and adjustment bias, overconfidence, and illusion of control. Watched the first 30 sec of the video to determine this.

She also seems like a real stuck up person. Professional backstabber, but that’s just my read on her.