Cats in very high apartments

Has anyone ever had cats while living in a very tall apartment building, like on the 30th floor? Do they freak out? There are no birds up there, so are they still interested in the view?

Had a cat on the 26th floor of a highrise when I lived in downtown chicago. Pretty sure if we had a balcony he’d be out there trying to decide if he could survive the jump to an adjacent balcony.

Other than that no reaction from the cat.

cat = hacksaw

Your cat looks like a German Shepard.

Galli: ok that is a good data point. Do the cats like looking outside? My current cats like to look at birds, as I live in a lower place now. Is there any entertainment value from looking out of windows in taller buildings?

Igor: Screw you, cats are at least top 2 pets. What else is there, turtles?

If a cat, must be either a lion or a tiger.







*pet of the month

A close friend (quasi-family) has a bunch of cats and a balcony on the 19th floor of a 20 storey building.

She put some netting up around the balcony so that the cats would not be tempted. However, they seem kind of bored by the whole thing anyway. They come out to get some sun on nice days and haven’t even tried scratching at the netting to tear it up. That’s more than I can say for myself. The netting doesn’t really affect the view noticeably. It’s very light, and you can see it if you care to, but stuff still looks fine.

I also think that at least one of the cats predated the netting and never seemed interested in plunging to its death or anything.

Your felines may vary.

The cat once noticed a giant fly land on the window and he looked at it for 15 seconds then proceeded to sleep ontop of my dresser in the bedroom

I mean, with this view you’d think he’d at LEAST look out the window… Nope too busy sleeping.

Are cats really so stupid that you are legitimately concerned that one would leap off a 30th floor balacony to get a bird?

Cats can fall from up to 32 stories without dying. No need to worry.

^ huh/ now i know a bunch of weird facts about cats that jump off of 5 story+ floors

Hire lakoot/rahul to catsit your cats when you are away

Is that a spidey CAT? Makes me wonder…


Cats are hacksaw, end of story. Get a real pet. The only use for cats is to keep mice out of the barn.

Tiger/Gorilla or hacksaw

yeah 32 stories is a sham. Its def much higher. I know a cat could slip off the top of the burj khalifa and be ok. cats are just cool like that.