Cause all that I am Is a man whose heart is true! Do you live the way your heart tells you?

when i was in middle school i would watch pimp my ride, mtv cribs, or music videos with video thots and i said to myself. this will be my life pretty soon. i’ll have plenty of thots. fastforward about 20 years later. it is not. and now all i want is to put my elliptical in front of the tv and my fiance wont let me. and now i am sad… where did i go wrong… what did i do to deserve this…

meanwhile my buddy just psoted a vid in his rented mansion with a lot of thots. and my other buddy is about to be the mayor of my city… and another buddy is clearing a mil a year.
anyways to the main point. it got me thinking. i have new ambitions of my net worth 20 years from now. when i hit 50, will i achieve it? are my plans more modest. are goals meant to be achieved or forever tantalizing. will my son be a ■■■■ boy that i will live vicariously thorugh? or a nerd that will surely disappoint me.

Very beta-like thoughts, Nery. I’m disappointed.

I thought you were alpha.

For what it’s worth, I’m extremely disappointed in you too, Nerdy.

think of it this way, you are more wealthy than 95% of the people in the world!

And have less thots too

Prolly true tho

To be in top 1 percent net worth worldwide. You only need 800k. I’ll hit that in 3 years.

That’s impressive man. Junior research jobs pay a lot these days!

you make more money as an investor. 4 of the last 9 years. i made more money investing than my first job out of college. its crazy. i dont even have 500k yet. this bull market has been generous. anyways you guys hit the core. i am turning beta. it is disappointing that my college self would have probably called my current self a simp. but then again my present self would have have called my college self a poor and consider the value of such as de minimis.

Not even 500k yet bro? So you expect to double in 3 years? Delusional beta male!

But dude you make money as an investor. Before this thread, I just didn’t know how it was done.

If we assume average return at 10 percent a clip. At a starting point of 430k contributing roughly 40k per year. Compounded on monthly basis. Should hit around 2024. So call it 3.5 years. I literally keep a spreadsheet on monthly goals lol.

Let’s see the accuracy of your forecasts! Post the charts of forecast vs actual nery! You ain’t got nothing better to do in this new beta existence

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Enjoy! This is monthl only started collecting data. But here my annual info historical.

I don’t want to see the projections! I want to see how well your model has done. Look at that dip in 2020! Did you model that?!

Nah I lost like 100k during march fall. monthly pic captures it. went from around 420k to 328k. But I bounce back 100k already. My net worth is about 10k higher than last peak after contributions.

Aim bigger. You should aim for your future daily volatility to be in the 1mio range. That’d be alpha. This is for the peanut gallery.

even if i go full retard on call options. i cant imagine clearing a daily vol of 1m. a thouasnd apologies for my betaness. will reread top posts on wsb for more clairty.