Cave time

I know to some of you might seem crazy but I wish I had spent more time absorbing the material not only because my chances would be better but also because it is so freaking interesting. L2 material is fascinating even if you already work in finance. I could watch Hetherington for hours talk about Forwards and other derivatives - I think he’s hands down the best instructor I have ever come across. If I pass this exam much credit goes to my teachers: Harris, Olinto, and Hetherington. Oh, and big thanks to CP and other contributors here. …and now I go into my cave to do mock exams. Good luck everybody. Most of us are going to need it!

You, sir, are truly a douche. I mean that in the nicest most non offensive way, as I too am a Finance douche as well. While I agree that if one does not somewhat enjoy the material this would be a futile endeavor, but Jesus man… Hats off to your dorkiness, my friend.

Gosh derivatives is my least favourite area! But yeah I wish I spent more time on corporate finance and alternative assets as those are interesting to me but somehow I dont have much patience with the long calculations involved :S

It has been fun studying for level 2. Do I feel well prepared, well hopefully this marathon has a good ending.

Sometimes I take a step back from my desk and I can’t even believe what I’m doing. This is an amazing challenge. Complain all we want, and there’s a healthy list to choose from, we all love this challenge and that’s what pushes us forward. One of the things about this program that helps to motivate me is the global perspective. Just looks at us here on the AF board from all over the world, male, female, all ages and races. We’ve been looking at the same material for months and this Saturday we will sit in front of the same exam and we will share many of the same feelings. All each of us have to give is our very best. And besides…geek is the new hot - who doesn’t know that?

If you weren’t at least a bit interested in the material, then the CFA program isn’t for you. If you didn’t do the Stalla Mock yet, I suggest that and the BSAS mock. In terms of exam layout, these two are pretty close to what you’ll see on Saturday.

@ bpdulog …if u have BSAS mock test…please forward it to me on…if u can …:slight_smile: thanks a lot !

bpdulog, if you have a copy of the actual test to be taken on Saturday, June 5th, 2010 exam day please forward to

Lol… you are too funny ‘thommo77’