CB vs LF

Hey guys, was just hoping you’d weigh in on my situation.

Currently one of big 5 in Toronto on the cash management side. Should be having an interview for Commercial Banking lending associate shortly, and I have a pretty good relationship with the group already.

On other hand, my group is also willing to put me infront of the Leveraged Finance guys, but it’s hard to gauge the potential opportunity at this point.

The way I see it:

CB: much more relevant experience than current, exposure to mid market and small business lending, more sales based. Established relationship.

LF: Harder to get into. More attractive work as it’s more analytic, less sales based, my CFA education should play more of a factor… might have to wait, may not materialize…

background - I’m already 4 years out of school, finished CFA exams. Ideally i’d like to explore both sides, however timing might be an issue…