CBD, cure all or fad? Who here uses it?

I don’t know anything about this or weed, seeing signs pop up for this stuff everywhere. How do you even know if it’s real and if so what’s it good for? Tanks

as a topical it seems to be quite effective (numbing, etc.) but as a smokable/ingestible, i don’t really get it. if you have some incredibly particular ailment that responds to cbd for whatever reason, maybe ingesting cbd could help, but for common things i don’t know anyone whose actually seen a benefit.

I say it is waaaaaaaaay overhyped.

I am very much a believer in CBD. I hear that it cures AIDS, cancer, ALS, IBS, and premature ejaculation.

It (probably) has some sort of medicinal benefit. It’s a shame that there’s not really funding available to actually study the impacts.

I wouldn’t buy it from a gas station or some hippie, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we discover the benefits in 10+ years.

yeah… I don’t trust the gas stations and hippies at all, that’s what makes me skeptical. Been looking for a solution to my back pain from sitting alllll day… not sure if I should take something from big pharma, natural or just bear it like a man, which I’ve been doing for the last few years

You overweight hpr? When I studied for the cfa I often got back pain. But it seems like now the world is off my shoulders!

BMI says I’m a little overweight but I carry it well and still look really good

Do you run? You might just need to build a bit of running muscles to help carry weight around.

I used to jog 4-5 miles every day but haven’t done any type of exercise, except walking, in over 2 years. Need to get back on it.

No exercise for 2 years? #MAGA

I tried a CBD infused cocktail today, worst headache I’ve had in a long time, sad!!! Started about 30 mins after and gotten worst as the day has gone on

CBD balm for joint pain works incredibly. But as others have said, a reputable producer is key.

I’m all for CBD if it also has some THC … you down with OPP?


forreal - cycling and IF burns off fat like no one’s business — activate the quads pick 1 or 2 cycling and/or IF pokhim knows…

saw this today. very cool