CBT exam

Hi all,

maybe some already had an CBT exam.
Is there any paper provided / Am I allowed to take some blank papers with me?
Especially in the Quants part, I would like to draw time lines and stuff like that.

How does it work at a CBT exam?

Cheers :slight_smile:

You’ll get paper and pens

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many thank :smiley:
so it’s CBT w/ pen and paper - yieks :slight_smile:

The paper and pens are for your side calculations and work. They are not part of the exam. At the end of your test, they collect them from you and throw the paper away. All of your graded work product comes from your computer responses alone.

Thank you! Totally fine :slight_smile:
Just to draw some time lines and stuff.
But if I see the August results… maybe I quite :smiley:

I just took a test at Prometric the other day and they gave me pencils rather than pens. The proctor told me that they have moved back into giving pencils to candidates instead.