CBT keyboard

Anyone has taken leve3 cbt exam in Europe (especially France or Belgium or Germany…) Since the three countries use different types of keyboards (ex. azerty…), I am wondering if the test center in these locations will use the local keyboard or standard US qwerty keyboard? Thanks.

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Maybe call your specific test center

I couldnt find the local prometric phone number… I sent the inquiry to their contact form but no response yet.

Hi Anita,

Do you got any news of Prometric? I just have the same question. I’m taking my cfa - level 3 exam in brussel on the 31th May and use on daily basis a Qwerty keyboard, but know that in belgium they use an azerty. I reached out with a ticket, but didn’t got a reply. I might go the test center on wednesday, because couldn’t find a phone number.

When and where are you doing your exam?

Hi Anita,

Have you heard from the institute regarding your query? I am taking the exam in France and am facing similar issues. I don’t use the azerty keyboard at all…