CE credit pass/fail clue?

I thought I remember CE credits updating automatically for passing Level 2. Does anyone’s CE credit diary already show credits for Level 3? https://www.cfainstitute.org/programs/private/memservices/pddiary/

bueller? bueller?

Alright man. I’ve got 20 hrs logged for 2008 (from the exam) and 20 hrs logged for 2009 (but it doesn’t say what it’s for). But don’t we get the credits just for taking the exam? I’ve never seen this site before so IDK. edit: NM, the 2008 exam covered 2008 and 2009 CE.

if you haven’t logged anything into your diary, it has to have been put there automatically for passing level 3. i don’t have any credit for 2009. bad news for me i guess.

2008 CFA Exam Credit Transfer to 2009 Live Event 01 Jan 2009 20.0 2.0 CFA Institute Preview Delete Total Credits 20.0 2.0 * This activity has credits applied to multiple years. ^I think it transferred from the 2008 exam.

oh. i failed level 3 in 2008, so i have no credits passed on from that year. so, maybe i just got worried for no reason. thanks for checking.

I have 20 credits showing for 2009, but I also seen an entry from CFA institute on Jan 1st, 2009 showing carry over from CFA exam in 2008 (entered in November 2008), so i don’t think it is current if they didn’t update until November…

i do see credits under 2009…qwerty76, do you see credits in 2009?

i have no credits for 2009… but none for 2008, as I did not pass last year. it sounds like people with 20 credits for 2009 had them transfer from passing Level 2 last year (as though passing a level gives you 40, 20 for the current year and 20 to carry forward).

anyone who passed level 2 in 2008 show 0 credit in 2009? or say 40 credits somewhere?

you only get credit if you pass the exam, not simply for taking the exam…here is the link on things that are automatically posted to the diary but not sure if it they are updated real time with exam results https://www.cfainstitute.org/memresources/ceprogram/recommendations.html