Celebration Drink - Or Misery Drink

I think my celebration drink will be a Tanqueray Gibson or 2 or 3 on the rocks. My misery drinks will be a 12 pack of PBR.

My GF got a bottle of Dom Perignon and we’re going to drink it pass or fail. Of course the drink I will have tomorrow is a coffee with a muffin at my work computer.

Stoly with redbull whether i pass or fail

Beer and rye & ginger ale if I pass. Jack Daniels from the bottle if I fail.

It will kinda of hard to drink at 6am Los Angeles time…but there is no telling what misey can bring out of one. Am already loaded…waiting for the next 8 hours. Good luck peoples…

Vodka is my choice…I have a bad feeling so I may have to call in sick and drown my sorrows with my pal effen vodka

Victory drink = Johnny Blue (if I don’t need to re-enroll for L1, I can afford the splurge, as I can’t take L2 until 2010 anyway.) Consolation drink = Bacardi 151 (cheap and to the point; the burning is punishment for not studying harder.)

blah this sucks ass!!!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HCkHEV74aXk Nobody’s said Bells Scotch yet?

Relief drink.

Victory - Wine and nice dinner i Defeat - Bear and pizza

Bear? Grizzly? lol

I’m gonna hunt it myself!

Pass or Fail: Slowberry Gin at Widder Bar in Zurich Finished my phd yesterday, so I’ll be celebrating no matter what.

Congrats mate. Whether you pass Level 1 or not, you’ve already proved you’re way smarter than majority of us on this board lol