Cell Phone - Boston

To the poor fckr whose cell phone rang in the middle of the exam after literally 50 reminders to leave your cell phone outside: Seriously, how dumb do you have to be? 6 months of your life wasted. (btw - seeing 50 proctors dressed like airplane baggage handlers descend on the poor bastard within seconds was a pretty scary sight)

I dont know man…couldnt hear that…I was in O


Even I saw one guy playing with his phone after the exam. He was lucky - his phone did not ring during the exam.

Yea, who was that guy? Did they escort him out? I heard one guy in L got escorted out. He didn’t stop writting when the time is up. What an idiot.

Haha oh man I was in Boston and heard that cell phone. It literally was going off for like a good 15-20 seconds. I didn’t bother looking over to see what happened. How can you be so dumb? I hope they gave him the boot. I was in section N.

A cell phone went off in NYC in room C for about 15-20 seconds as well. I don’t know what happened though.

The guy in front of me in Monreal’s cell phone went off. The proctors didn’t hear it. It was funny though.

Hey CFABoston28 - small world, I was in section O too…which one were you? And how did you not hear the phone? It was just 2 sections over on the right.