Cell Phones

Does anyone know if they will collect cell phones ahead of time at Javitz?

Specific instructions in your hall ticket say no cell phones, nothing with a camera on it, etc. etc. So 1. do not carry your cell phone. 2. if you do, unless they have lockers you can rent there, you are on your own. Last time I carried my pencils in a clean ziploc bad, and they asked me to take my pencils out and dump the ziploc bag into the nearest trash can, and this was the security team that is at the gates, not the proctors. So they are pretty serious. CP

Leave your cell phone at home or in your car. Your cell phone rings in your pocket during the exam and you are looking at a PCP investigation. It is utterly completely not worth it.

I want to bring some reading materials to read in between the 2 sessions, where do I put them?

security teams with guns and dogs that carry the green board “POLICE”.