celtics vs magic

who else is taking a break from their studying to catch a bit of the game? I will have to watch a bit of the 4th. Expect the celtics to finish them off tonight!

if i actually take a study break to watch basketball, it will be to watch the series that is actually still competitive - aka lakers suns

Live in Orlando. Sitting in MBA class. I am a happy camper:( Q-Bank = great time killer in class.

I’ll probably catch the end of it. Still can’t believe how the Celtics have been dominating, but they did show some weakness the other night.

can’t believe the magic won so easily. you would think coming back from 3-0 is nearly impossible, but its already happened this year with philly in hockey, so you never know.

I would die from laughter if the celtics lose this series…that would make both the Boston Bruins and the Boston Celtics a nice pair of teams.

that would be something. both boston teams losing after being up 3-0 in the same year!