Center Across Selection - Excel SHORTKEY Blackhole

Guys, I used to know the shortkey for “center across selection.” It was simple: crtl + alt + [ something]. I forgot it. I know you can use crtl + 1 + tab + right arrow 6 times + enter. This is not efficient.

Does anyone know the shortkey? I’ve searched all over the internet and cannot find it.


I’m not altogether certain that I know what “center across selection” means.

Is it something like justify (ctrl+alt+j)?

Line 3 is centered across the selected range A:F. There is an excel shortkey to get this done.

Ctrl +alt + J doesn’t not work.

Apparently there isn’t a single shortcut, I hunted a bit.

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Thank you.


Alt + H + FA + Tab + DownArrow 6 times + Enter

or yolo merge it all

This is why you get Macabacus. Then it is a short key

It was easy, which drives me crazy every day.
Ctrl + something :face_with_spiral_eyes::sob: