Central IL study group????

I am the only person in my office taking Level 1 in June - is there anyone out there in Central IL?? I would like to have a study group to bounce ideas off and keep me on track, but I don’t know anyone else in my area taking this test. Thanks!

I’m in Peoria but taking the L1 in December.

I thought about taking in December, but was too late and didn’t want to be rushed. Good luck!

also taking it in June…brk455@truman.edu

Where in Central IL? Curious as to the shop you are at as my in-laws are in the area.

bump… where in Central IL??

Where in central IL? I am from there, but living in St. Louis now.

My in-laws live near Decatur.

Sorry - haven’t been on here in a while obviously. In the Peoria area.