CEO of my firm keeps adding “cfa” after my name in emails

What would you do? He keeps mentioning me to prospect advisors or advisors we already work with typing CFA after my literal name in emails.

For example it might say: “Hi Bryan, please work this over with my investment committee Hugh Myron, CFA & Mike Hunt, CFA…….”

I’m not joking and I cringe so hard every time he does this - it’s been multiple times. It’s honestly really embarrassing. Should I correct him or just let it slide? On a side note, the guy made me feel like a douche for requesting the firm pay my yearly dues, then turns around and proceeds to pimp my cfa out like this over email.

I don’t even use cfa in my signature half the time. It only gets added when I email externally.

Funny story, guy actually sexually harassed my gf too when I was at the company party. I have a really low opinion of him, but don’t know what to do, if anything.