CEO tells her point of view about women in IT


What do y’all think? I have no comment.

Actually, I’ll say one thing. I only know 2 people in IT, both female, and they both work extremely hard and are very talented. They are immersed in it and it’s their passion.

I think if you put people you have to recruit and convince to do something for the sake of equality against people who love it, the former will get crushed by the latter every single time, a huge disservice.

If God wanted women in IT, he would not have created Indian men, amiright??6

I think there is something to men being more extreme. We are more likely to be homeless and in jail as well.

That was hard to listen to. I’ve got 3 sisters and 2 daughters, I want them to get opportunities and get paid equally for equal work… But when this lady says that her engineering school had 8 girls and 100 boys, well that was same as my engineering school. The problem is partly lack of supply. The 8 or so girls in my program had their pick of boys as well, so some got married young and started families and dropped out of work force. Point is that it is not all discrimination, some of it just the way we educate kids and what people want out of their lives.

War on men.