Do you know when or how CFA Institute sends out the big paper certificate (you know……. the one you hang up on the wall? Not sure if that is something I pay additional money for, go to some place on the website, or just wait ‘till they send you something?


they will send it in a couple of months

Mid Dec

Does it get shipped to you or your local society? I was told that for societies that hold events welcoming their new members, your chater will go to your local society?

Ideally it’s handed over to us on the local chapter charterholder ceremony held between now and the year end (Dec for NYSSA), but, apparently, last year in 2011, some people actually also received it in their mails when they were already awarded the charter on the ceremony stage. Some have reported to have received 2 charters in their mails. So very CFAInstutitish… very unprofessional.

what if I don’t attend the charterholder ceremony? I guess I’ll be given a choice at some point?

I plan on going to the award ceremony. Receiving the notice that I have been awarded the charter by seeing the letters behind my name was very anti-climactic.

There’s a fair amount of confusion between what happens between now and the when various local CFA chapters hold their ceremony - some are small bodies while others are large and need planning, with all that said - I hope I get one charter mailed to me and one at the ceremony in NY @ Dec.

Greed is Good.

Does anyone know if we will be receiving any sort of email confirmation that we have been awarded the charter? I need one to receive a work related bonus.

Just print off you profile in the member directory which shows that you have been awarded the charter.