certification on international taxation

Although this is most likely not the best place to ask about it but does any1 know of any good certifications/courses/diplomas on international taxation or anything else that could enhance my profile in m&a tax. Thanks

I think someone needs to create a forum called “CertificationsGaloreForum” where questions of “what other certifications do I need to roll in money later in life” can get answered by people who like to answer that stuff.


In Canada, we have something called in-depth. It’s pretty intense, though if you’re not in a specific tax role, and the bulk of it focuses on Canadian tax only. However, all of the people I know in M&A structuring will have this at minimum. Even our international tax is focused on foreign companies buying Canadian compaines, or vice versa. I think it might be hard to find a general “international tax” course, without some sort of specificity of context (ex. here, it would be how we can help Canadian companies navigate international implications, or a foreign company buying a Canadian co).

Since most DTAA’S are similarly worded i think there might be a course without specificty to a particular country…i think its better to ask some1 from my firm’s international tax dept

Thats on LLM…i am looking for a certification


Lol no

this might work for you