Certified Financial Advisor?

I was reading the article in the Sunday New York Times (9/16) on the new hedge fund / private equity career calculus where people are electing not to interrupt their career progression by leaving to pursue an MBA. In the article, Art Hogan, the investment strategist at Jefferies, mentioned how he has seen an increased interest in people “pursuing a degree as a certified financial adviser at night…” What the F??? At a minimum, I hope it was simply a mistake by the writer of the article. Maybe the CFA charterholders at Jefferies can explain to Mr. Hogan the difference between the CFA designation and Certified Financial Planners…

This should be part of the General Discussion board. Sorry…

At my work they think it’s Certified Financial Analyst

YIKES! You don’t work at Jefferies do you? That would explain everything!

I’m not surprised - I’ve found that the Times’ business section is generally sub-standard.

I sent an email to the reporter at the Times. In her response, she indicated that the error in the article would be corrected.